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29th Jul 2021

We’re drooling over the dessert options at this Carlow cafe

Fiona Frawley

There’s nothing like walking into a cafe and spending way too long eyeing up the cake selection.

We love options, we love the feeling of saying “will I get the brownie and you get the meringue and we can split them?” – we just love it all. So as you can imagine, scrolling through Carlow’s Bird Cage Cafe’s insta is giving us life.

What first caught our eye was these Biscoff blondies.

As we know, Biscoff is having a serious moment. It’s been popping up on lattes, in sundaes, and all over our For You page on TikTok. Bird Cage have jumped on the bandwagon with these gorge blondies drizzled with white chocolate, and they’ve nailed it. How delish do they look?

Next up, these millionaire cookie squares. They’ve taken the already iconic millionaire square and Pimp My Ride’d it, swapping out shortbread for cookies and gals, the results speak for themselves.

If you’re looking for a gluten free option, they’ve got you covered with this dreamy raspberry shortbread sambos:

Works of art, every one of them.

They’ve also got loads of delicious brunch, sandwich and salad options, but as usual we got too excited and skipped straight to dessert. Has to be done sometimes, life is short after all.

Definitely worth hitting up while you’re out and about exploring Ireland’s Ancient East!

Header image via Instagram/Carlow Bird Cage Cafe

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