PICS: Gigantic Jellyfish Keep Appearing On A Beach In Kerry

They've been appearing over the last four weeks

Jellyfish Keery

The heatwave of 2018 will probably be remembered as the summer of the jellyfish with large and frequent sightings of rare jellyfish becoming the norm across the country.

Experts say that Irish waters are infested with larger jellyfish, particularly the Lion's Mane type, due to the warm weather and a lack of predators.

While walking her two dogs, Ita Shannon, has come across four jellyfish on Beale Strand in Co. Kerry that are so "huge you can see them from far away."

Jellyfish 3

Pic credit: Ita Hannon

Jellyfish 4

Pic credit: Ita Hannon

Jellyfish 1

Pic credit: Ita Hannon

Jellyfish 2

Pic credit: Ita Hannon

The sting from Lion's Mane jellyfish is not fatal but can be very uncomfortable.

Five people have already needed hospital treatment because of the severity of the stings they received from the bigger than normal jellyfish.

John Leech, Chief Executive of Irish Water Safety says there is a risk that people who are stung could suffer anaphylactic shock.

The public are being asked to report any sightings of Lion's Mane to the National Biodiversity website.

Be careful, lads.

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