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05th Jul 2021

The basic B’s guide to Love Island episode 6

Fiona Frawley

Last night saw Rachel strutting her way in looking ~like that~ with all the power, two boys fighting for her affection and discontent elsewhere in the villa.

I think all of our jaws dropped to the floor when we saw Rachel. She’s one of those people who’s so attractive, you’re afraid to look them directly in the eye in case you melt.

As we know she’s been given the power to choose between the two single boys, Brad and Chuggs, ultimately deciding which one goes home. Cue intense grafting. Or rather, cue Brad repeatedly spluttering “there’s na one else in this villa who’s ma type” and Chuggs doling out the book metaphors.

Rachel rightly cut straight to the chase and asked both of them if they were actually interested in her, or just trying to keep their places in the villa. Chuggs, well-known patron of “blonde and petite”, gave a half assed attemped at convincing her, throwing out vague compliments like “fiery”, “sassy” and “confident”, telling her not once but twice that she “had balls” for literally walking into the villa. None of us were convinced and hopefully Rachel wasn’t either, she’s a smart gal.

Brad as we know struggles in the conversation department, having deterred nearly every woman in the villa at this stage.

However he and Rachel did seem to have some semblance of a connection, he even went as far as asking her a question about herself, which as we know is a first. She did mention a couple of times that he looked like the definition of a f*ck boy and that Chuggs might hurt her less, but I personally think it’d be more hurtful to be immediately dropped by Chuggs the second she saved him (inevitable) rather than just have to put up with Brads painfully dull chat in extremely attractive packaging. Maybe Brad would eventually go for someone else, but I can’t imagine Rachel being invested enough in him to care god bless him. Also, she is one of the most stunning women to ever walk through the villa doors. She’ll have options whoever she goes for.

Elsewhere in the villa, Jake was continuing to tell anyone with a pulse about how much he’s not attracted to Liberty. You’d have to wonder where toe boy gets off. We’re mentally preparing ourselves for Liberty to be left distraught and hoping a fresh hottie comes in for her soon.

After a painful grafting period with Brad and minimal connection with Chuggs, Chloe opted to be in a friendship couple with Hugo so he’d have a chance to find someone, and she’s quickly shaping up to be one of our faves. She calls the boys out for their shit chat and general mediocrity, and looks out for the girls. We stan.

Toby has also hopped on the “I don’t like the girl I’m coupled up with” train and delivered the most painful blow of all – he thinks Kaz is more into him than he’s into her. Delivered to someone else behind her back of course, this is how the Love Island boys do it, kids.

After a questionable challenge featuring slime, vibrating plates and tear-away tuxedos, we were left with yet ANOTHER cliffhanger. We’ll find out tomorrow whether Rachel goes for Chuggs or Brad. My money’s on Brad, even though she has mentioned she’d like to give Chuggs a while longer in the villa to find someone. Brad has had his day in the sun and plenty of time to scare every woman in there away. Time will tell, my friends. Time will tell.

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