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18th Aug 2021

8 Irish TikTok accounts you need to be following

Fiona Frawley

Have you just jumped down the TikTok rabbit hole, and looking for iconic accounts to follow?

Let us lead you in the right direction. As I’ve said before, I can’t get enough of Irish TikTok. Farmer dads learning viral dances, grannies sharing pearls of wisdom over cups of tea, Dublin seagulls going rogue… it’s just wholesome, unproblematic craic. Maybe you’re just new to the app, and the algorithm has for some reason decided to post exclusively American carpentry vids to your For You Page (it’s happened to the best of us, and by the best of us I mean me). If you’re looking for some fresh content inspo read on, we’ve rounded up a few of our faves.

1. miseciara

An absolutely great follow if you’re looking to brush up on your cupla focail and have a few laughs while you’re at it.

2. ainekennedyyy

Aine and her grandad are without a doubt the most iconic duo on the app rn.

3. victoriaadeyinkaa

With over 15 million followers, Victoria is TikTok royalty and her impressions of her mum, school receptionists and tv ads should be on the Leaving Cert curriculum tbh.

4. hayls_ryan

You’ve probably come across this Cork Queen and her iconic Love Island impressions before – if not, she’s a MUST follow.

5. sylvaniandrama

Easily one of Ireland’s most iconic TikTok accounts. Gossip Girl-like storylines starring Sylvanians, with dramatic soundtracks to boot.

6. killersundy

You may have seen his videos popping up on Twitter and Insta too, his Irish government based satire and reviews of local walls are not to be missed.

7. joecostigan

Worth the follow for this video of him making up hilarious lies to tell his friends alone.

8. conniewhelan0

This gals Drag Race lip sync recreations have been shared and adored by some of the shows most legendary queens, and are not to be missed.

Header image via Shutterstock

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