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03rd Dec 2021

An update for Eve and her communion money

Fiona Frawley

If you’re a frequenter of the Irish Twitter world, you probably heard the story of Eve’s Communion money winding up in an off licence this week.

Incase you missed it:

We covered the story earlier in the week, and we’ve since been contacted by Eve’s mother, Nicola, with an update:

Hi there, My friend tagged me in a post last night… about the picture of the Fifty Euro Note. This is too funny. That was indeed gifted to my daughter Eve for her communion in October. Her Uncle Terry is old school and doesn’t give cards, hence the writing on the note. I can assure everyone though, that it wasn’t spent in the ‘Offo’ in Balbriggin by her parents. Unless my husband has a secret drinking problem, and had to drive all the way from Knocklyon to get a drink!! He did keep the cash my daughter gave him to bank, as he bought her an Ipad from her communion money on his credit card. Proof herein. Funny all day the same and reading some of the comments.

Story checks out, in addition to this update Nicola sent on a picture of Eve with said iPad! Which, by the way, she also saved her own hard earned cash to put towards. G’wan Eve.
As Nicola says, Terry is old school and apparently has no idea he’s become an internet sensation. Nicola told us:
Terry is so old school he hasn’t even got Facebook so is completely unaware how viral it’s gone, never really checks his phone messages either so hasn’t got a clue.
We look forward to seeing the whole saga play out on the 2021 episode of Reeling In The Years. Thanks a mill Nicola for getting in touch, and to Terry and Eve for the instantly iconic moment in Irish history!
Header image via Twitter/@j_ackriley_