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20th Dec 2016

15 Stunningly Designed Things Every Stylish Man Should Own in 2015


Keeping up with all the latest trends in men’s fashion with gadgets and life in general is tough, which is why I decided to put together these 15 items that you absolutely need to own in 2015. Conversely, if you are looking for a gift for a man you know then you can’t go far wrong with any of these. Some of them are pricey and we’ll never be able to afford them all – but if someone dropped them all over to me I’d be the happiest lad and more stylish than Conor McGregor.

C35 – Uniform Watches

This Satin gold Black slim shell cordovan leather watch is the definition of pure elegance. Reasonably priced at under €500 for a quality swiss-made watch.


Large Format Sketch Book – Tanner Goods

You can have all the technology and ideas in the world but sometimes the best ideas are kept written down. This simple but beautifully designed elegant notebook is essential.


Weekender Bag – Mr Porter

Every man needs a bag for weekend trips, overnighters and any other short stays. Throw a few things into the Montague Leather Weekender Bag and travel in style.


B&O Wireless Headphones

In the office and want to concentrate? Want to walk around the house listening to tunes or just catching up on podcasts while on the go? You’ll want these bad boys which are pricey but the best in the business.


Wayfarer Denim – Ray Ban

This design of sunglasses have been hot for a couple of years, and just when you think they are about to go off-trend in comes the new denim look. Must have for this coming summer.


Speedform Gemini – Under Armour

Without doubt this sports brand that is the hottest in the world right now. These running shoes are affordable, super light weight and stylish.


Peak Headphone Case – Hard Graft

They come in at about $150 which is nearly as expensive as most headphones themselves, but you’ll be oozing style if you travel with this pure leather case.


Fold Over Wallet – Giorgio Armani

Not massively cheap coming in at €250 but if you are going to be carrying cash and whipping something out for the world to see multiple times a day you might as well do it in style.

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Townsend Black Lacquer Plated Ball Pen

You’ll need a good quality pen to go with that notebook and none better than this. Should last a lifetime if you can avoid losing it which is always a problem with pens.


Silver Boxer Brief – Mark Weldon

Not just any old pair of boxers because these are naturally antimicrobial and anti-odor, made from the best materials and worn by athletes and even US special forces.


The Z Board 2

Skateboards were cool but they were so last century so you’ll want to jump on the next wave of geeky fun hitting the market. Grab one of these electric skateboards and be the envy of all your friends.


The Stryman – Mission Workshop

You won’t find too many jackets that are super waterproof and stylish but this one ticks both boxes. The only slight problem is the $850 price tag but once you see the quality and how this is made you’ll understand.


Wearable Tool – Leatherman

Sick of carrying around messy tools with you at all times or getting caught out without the right gear? You’ll want this stylish wearable tool so!


Aeropress Coffee Maker

You could go out to the local coffee shop but there is nothing quite as good as having a good brew at home. The best way to do that in an authentic way is by using an Aeropress. Incredible invention.


Panasonic Vintage Radio

Everybody seems to be obsessed with Spotify, Dr Dre and Vinyl these days but nothing says cool quite like this vintage radio that allows you to tune in FM/AM old school style.