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12th Jul 2021

Elizabeth Banks has been hitting up some of our fave Irish tourist spots

Fiona Frawley

Since arriving in Ireland earlier this summer to work on her new film Cocaine Bear, Elizabeth Banks has been diving headfirst into the culture.

From sampling Tayto sambos to rushing to get the shorts on as soon as temperatures hit over 12 degrees, she’s quickly turning into one of our own and we love to see it.

We’ve adopted a handful of Hollywood celebs over the last year or so from Matt Damon to Patrick Dempsey but Elizabeth in particular seems to be slotting right in, she gets the humour and has even engaged in Tayto discourse on Twitter. I genuinely can see her along the canal with a bag of cans and a spice bag in no time.

Most recently she’s been doing a bitta staycationing out wesht, including a visit to the Cliffs of Moher.

She didn’t quite get the weather but as you’ll read in the comments, a bitta rain softens the heart. She even partook in our island’s latest craze, getting a coffee from a horse box, featuring the obligatory shot of bae out the front.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for where she hits up next, and will have the kettle boiled and the good biscuits out in case she wants to pop in for a visit!

Header image via Instagram/Elizabeth Banks 

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