Ireland has adopted another Hollywood star

By Fiona Frawley

June 30, 2021 at 11:38am


And she understands the two pillars of Irish society - Tayto sambos and wearing multiple layers in the summer.

Pitch Perfect star Elizabeth Banks has relocated with her family to Ireland, to shoot a movie that's set in Georgia. Obviously. They've jumped straight in and are doing all the typical Irish things, like exploring rock pools by the sea and looking terrified while driving as a Dublin Bus passes.

She's also grown accustomed to one of our nation's most loved delicacies - the Tayto sambo. She did call Taytos 'chips' in the vid but she's only new here, let's give her a chance.

She's also becoming engaged in Irish politics via Northern and Southern Taytos, which is really the kind of participation we need from visiting celebrities.


But don't worry, she's been provided with this handy map to understand the cultural landscape of crisps in Ireland, which tbh should be on the LC History curriculum:

She can also be seen here making a show of us in typical tourist-visiting-Ireland fashion, aka wearing a million layers while the rest of us are sweating balls in 18 degree heat and lashing on the factor 50.

The film is based on the true story of a bear who was killed by consuming over 70 pounds of cocaine he found in a duffle bag, which had been dropped from an airplane by a local drug smuggler. It's the latest in a series of films to be shot here, including the sequel to Enchanted which famously is being filmed in Enniskerry, and fairytale series Epic starring Modern Family star Sarah Hyland, which filmed for a spell in Luttrellstown Castle in Dublin.


Header image via Instagram/Elizabeth Banks 

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