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09th Aug 2021

One of Ireland’s fave boybands got together over the weekend to reminisce about their Seasons in the Sun

Fiona Frawley

Ah look at that, the old band back together.

If you’ve been following the Westlife insta over lockdown, you know there’s been many a zoom pint had by Nicky and the lads over the past year or so.

But the gradual return to reality means the boys have been able to get together in person, and sure even they know that if you don’t post about it, it didn’t happen.

What do we reckon, just a friendly catch up or potential discussion about a new tour, or maybe even a cheeky album?

Their 2019 tour was a massive success and we as a nation definitely haven’t yet had our fill of nostalgic band reunions, we will forever be willing to pay good money to see four men stand up from their stools in perfect unison.

As we know, it’s unclear when gigs of this scale might be able to happen again. But I definitely wouldn’t rule out a new single, a socially distanced performance or some other little nugget of content along those lines for fans. It’s been a hard year and we deserve it. Would you be first in line for Westlife tickets? Do you still kiss your cd copy of Flying Without Wings every night before you go to sleep? Maybe I’m just living in a little world of my own, but I feel this pic is a sign of exciting things to come.

Header image via Instagram/Westlife

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