Remembering Patrick Dempsey's time in Ireland, as he enjoys Sexiest Man Alive status

By Fiona Frawley

November 8, 2023 at 11:35am


To obtain the title of Sexiest Man Alive, one must first consume the crispy bits from Leo Burdocks.

Patrick Dempsey's inauguration as People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive is something fans have been waiting on for decades - a bit like Leo DiCaprio's eventual Oscar win, McDreamy's induction to the... sexy man hall of fame is one many feel is well overdue, including the actor himself who has said "I don't know why there should be anybody after me, to be honest with you".

The crowning has us fondly remembering McDreamy's time in Ireland, a spell in the peak pandemic era of 2021 where the actor provided a glimmer of light with his well documented adventures around the country.

During his off days from filming Disenchanted, Dempsey went hiking, visited castles and sampled local chippers, all the while solidifying his status as one of Ireland's favourite tourists ever. Maybe it was our emotional vulnerability during the depths of lockdown, maybe it's the fact that he really is that dreamy - all we know is the nation was hooked. As he enjoys his status as the sexiest man on the fifth largest planet in the solar system, here's a reminder of some of the wholesome activities Patrick Dempsey pursued during his time in Ireland.

Befriending Irish wolfhounds 

They too found him irresistibly sexy.


Cruising along the Wild Atlantic "Highway"

'Tis just the Wild Atlantic Way Pat, but far be it from us to correct you.

Declaring Leo Burdocks to be "bleeding deadly"


The Dublin chipper have since formally congratulated McDreamy for his sexiest man status in an IG comment.

Donkey selfies

McDreamy walked so Colin Farrell and Jenny the Donkey could gallop.


A visit to an Irish knitting studio

A wholesome end to Mr Worldwide (sexy edition)'s time in Ireland. Dempsey picked up an Inis Meáin jumper in Dublin and after falling in love with it, got in touch with the knitting studio and paid them a visit. Swipe across for the cutest group photo you ever did see.

During his time here, McDreamy also enjoyed jaunts to Glendalough, the Cliffs of Moher and Bray Head to name a few. No doubt if he ever returns, he'll be met by a country of people pointedly ignoring his new accolade, to ensure it doesn't go to his head.

Header image via Instagram/Patrick Dempsey 



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