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15th Sep 2021

Check out two of Corks most successful exports shooting the breeze at the Met Gala

Fiona Frawley

While we were busy yesterday losing our minds over Kim K memes and re-writes of the message on the AOC dress, two Irish icons were in the background having the craic.

I am of course talking about Samantha Barry, the Cork born and bred editor in chief of Glamour Magazine and Emily Ratajkowski, who’s been to Bantry a couple of times on her holidays but we’re rolling with it and claiming her as our own. If the UK can do it, we can too.

Obviously, Em Rata’s connection to West Cork is deeper than a few family holidays as a child. You probably heard over the summer that the model’s clothing brand Inamo Rata is the official sponsor of Bantry Basketball Club’s under 16 team.  If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, I swear I’m not messin’.

Anyway, that’s one of the most solid connections to Cork you could ask for, and Samantha Barry knows this too. Here she is catching up with “Bantry’s most famous celeb sporting sponsor” at the Met on Sunday.

Bantry B-Ball club obviously appreciated the shout out and being the ballers that they are, decided to shoot their shot and enquire about another potential sponsorship deal:

Will we be seeing the Glamour logo on jerseys across Bantry anytime soon? Ball’s in your court, Samantha.

Header image via Instagram/sambarry/emrata

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