Our Obsession With Food Has Hit A Whole New Level


We're only human. And humans, like every other living animal on Earth must eat to survive. Man has been particularly good at the whole food thing for quite a while now and thankfully we are on the opposite end of the conservation status- compared to the other animals we've hunted to extinction. The 20th century saw probably the biggest shift in the food industry since the middle ages when our ancestors learned their hand at agriculture. Now-a-days we have an overwhelming amount of fast food brands, take-aways and enough greasy spoons to drown a small city.


Don't get me wrong- I swing towards bold food daily. In fact, I have the worst diet compared to everyone else in the office. I could stuff myself with endless pizzas, burgers, chips, hotdogs, fried chicken-anything for days, but stick a plate of fucking rabbit food in front of me and I lose my appetite in seconds. Let's just say, if I ate like a normal person I'm sure I'd look like Gisele (I'm sure by now you've noted the sarcastic undertone of this article).


Unless you've been living under a bolder, you'll have noticed that an incredible amount of celebrities and athletes have been photographed, Instagramming and posting a lot about clothes, accessories and furnishings with one common theme- fast food. It seems completely mindless but this trend has exploded all over my feeds, favourite websites and shops and I'm into it. They do say you are what you eat so why not embody it in its entirity?! Move over pug- you've been overtaken by pepperoni pizza and double cheese burger. So before you panic, I've found some of the best food designs out there so you can traipse around just like your beloved foodstuff.

Pepperoni Pizza Bed

Why just dress like pizza when you can sleep between slices of it? Impress first-timers to your bed with this spicy bed set for only $80.


Hamburger Sweater

Guaranteed to catch the eye of hungry heads everywhere you go, $13.49.


Mac N' Cheese Hoodie

Live the dream in this classic American pasta-inspired zip up hoodie, $69.


Pizza Snapback Hat

No better way to plaster your hipster status than sporting a beard and this epic snapback, $39.


Pizza Belovesie

The original pepperoni pizza onesie. What better way could you spend a weekend in ordering pizza, watching Netflix and taking endless selfies? You'll be the envy of Instagram, $99.

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Louise Johnston

With experience in the Irish FMCG industry LoJo has previously worked for global brands such as Bacardi and Red Bull. She can be described as a passionate infomaniac with an innate flare for brands, marketing and tech trends.