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13th Dec 2021

Daniel O’Donnell celebrated the big 6 0 over the weekend – here are some of his most iconic moments

Fiona Frawley

Wee Daniel isn’t so wee anymore.

The Irish fascination with DOD will never falter – he’s an inherent part of our culture and our lives. Whether he’s visiting your Donegal based nana with a Daniel O’Donnell calendar every New Years Day or popping up in your Whatsapp group after the release of his latest music video, the common thread is clear – Daniel spreads joy wherever he goes.

To celebrate Daniel’s milestone birthday and bring a bitta happiness to an otherwise dreary Monday, we thought we’d round up some of the most iconic DOD moments from the past few years. It’s what the people need and deserve. Let’s get into it.

Having none of Dermot Bannon on Room to Improve

Fans of Room to Improve will know that nearly everyone on the show usually succumbs to Dermot’s visions of open plan everything but Daniel stood strong, essentially insisting that nothing in the house needed to be changed. A lesson in assertion for us all.

Going live with Majella during lockdown

This encapsulates how pretty much all of us looked attempting to do anything remotely technical over lockdown.

Hula Hooping on TG4

Is there really any extra explanation needed for this one?

Daniel’s Tea Party

This tradition has since ended after getting out of hand numbers wise but incase you didn’t know, Daniel used to have an annual tea party in Kincasslagh, Donegal, with an open invite for all his fans.

Wishing Annie a happy birthday on an Aer Lingus flight

Daniel surprised superfan Annie on her flight by singing happy birthday, and getting everyone to join in. There’s one to tell the grandkids.

Performing for nursing home residents over lockdown

The sun came out for the occasion and everything.

The Lah De Dah music video

I’m sure you remember Irish Twitter losing their minds in October after the release of Daniel’s latest music video. Here’s a refresher if not.

Here’s to many more milestone birthdays and iconic Daniel moments. Now, to play us out, here’s a classic rendition of Danny Boy. God bless us all.

Header image via Youtube/Daniel O’Donnell

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