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16th Nov 2018

PIC: Editor Of Unionist Publication Mistakes Munster Crest For “Masked IRA Man” And Runs With It

Megan Cassidy

The Editor of Unionist publication Unionist Voice and prominent member of Twitter’s outrage brigade, Jamie Bryson, is feeling the heat today after making a pretty whopper gaffe yesterday evening.

The Northern Irishman attended yesterday’s meeting of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and spotted something in the crowd that spurred him to take to Twitter in disgust.

Posting a picture of a flag in the crowd, he wrote:

‘So during an evening of anti-British hate & abuse from Republic of Ireland supporters, they also unveil a banner of a masked terrorist.’


Unfortunately for Bryson, what he was looking at was actually a very inoffensive Munster crest.

Twitter was pretty quick to point out his mistake to him, and in fairness – he was a good sport about the whole mishap.

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