Five Irish Songs You Need To Hear This Week

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Irish music has never sounded so good with new, quality artists popping up every week.

More of our music is being recognised at home and abroad than it has ever before, with our hip-hop and grime scenes even making a name for themselves.

To celebrate this glorious time for Irish music, I am going to highlight five songs every week that I think you should hear.

The list will consist of new music from the hottest artists

Here are my top five songs I think you need to hear this week:

1. Jafaris - Time

Time’ is the second single released off his debut album 'Stride' and I am obsessed.

It’s a motivating reminder about the hustle and bustle surrounding 21st century life.

The lyrics are a conversation in Jafaris' head about the importance of making time for yourself in our busy lives and the freedom that comes with that, something we can all relate to.

2. Siights - Tell Me Lies

Although it’s not brand spanking new, the latest release by Mia and Toni has already proved itself and definitely worth a listen.

3. JyellowL - True Colours

Following up on his last release ‘Oh Lawd’ which I was basically addicted to, ‘True Colours’ is following the same glorious path.

4. Soule - Love Tonight ft. C Cane

This is Soule’s first release of 2019 and her first release off her debut EP which is set to drop March 1st. We're expecting big things!

5. Biig Piig - Nothing Changes ft. Kxrn

I knew very little about Biig Piig until recently and I have definitely been sleeping on her. This brand new track dropped on Feb 1st and is exactly what you need for some chill time.

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Written By

Alan Fisher

Instagram @alanxfisher