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10th Dec 2021

Here’s how 2021 looked on Irish Twitter

Fiona Frawley

It’s been a serious year of ups and downs, but we’ve always been able to rely on good ole Irish Twitter for a bitta light relief.

Or to traumatise us further. It depends week to week tbh.

Whether it was making us laugh or reducing us to tears, Twitter was always there for us. Even when every other social media app sh*t the bed back in October, she stood strong, providing a safe space for Insta huns to weather the storm.  It’s where we come together to discuss topical moments, feel connected and find out what’s happening in the world.

If you’re curious about what had us all talking over the past year, Twitter have revealed their Year on Twitter 2021 results, outlining The Golden Tweets: most popular liked, retweeted & quote tweeted of the year. There are some highs, some lows and of course, a healthy dose of cringe. Let’s get into it.

Most liked Tweet by Irish people

I guess we really took that Mayo connection and ran with it, because Joe Biden’s first tweet as POTUS was the most liked one by Irish people this year. I thought he was fairly overshadowed by JLO’s impromptu performance of Let’s Get Loud at the inauguration, but there you go.

Most liked Tweet from an Irish account

This whole trend honestly feels like part of a lucid dream at this stage but the stats confirm that the Gardaí taking part in the Jerusalem Challenge really did happen, and their tweet about it was the most liked from an Irish account in 2021.

Meanwhile, August was a busy month for sport. Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Man Utd was the most retweeted sporting moment of 2021.

Closer to home, Antrim gold medallist Rhys Mcclenaghan’s tweet about his Olympic success was the most liked from an Irish account. 

In another moment of connectedness, there was a huge Irish reaction to Jimmy Carr’s tweet about the passing of fellow comedian Sean Lock back in August.

On a happier note, Irish and global Twitter lapped up this tongue in cheek offering from Twitter itself the night Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram all went down in October.

In a moment you may have tried to forget, Weetabix went viral when they suggested enjoying their cereal with Heinz Beans on top. A stroke of social marketing genius, honestly. Weetabix has never been discussed more.

And now, two of my personal faves, ones that honestly just get funnier with time:

Taking us back to January, an Irish Dad attempted to record a Happy Birthday video for his son in Australia, and wasn’t able to get past the word “hello”:

We also loved this humbling reminder that if you ever dare to wear anything other than a sensible jumper and jeans in Ireland, you’ll never be let forget it:

We focussed on the more uplifting moments for this piece, but more details on the ins, the outs, the consistent trending of #covid19inireland can all be found on the official Twitter blog. For now, let’s focus on the hilarious and bizarre moments of light relief that saw us through the year. It’s what the people need.

Merry Christmas, y’all.

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