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22nd Nov 2021

Just days before Selling Sunset S4 is released, we’ve been treated to another surprise

Fiona Frawley

These Oppenheim gals don’t stop I tell ya.

Since the release date for Selling Sunset was confirmed a few weeks ago, we’ve all been on the edge of our seats waiting to get back to creeping on multi million dollar listings and Christine’s iconic outfits. Now with just two days to go, they come bearing even more gifts. That’s what Thanksgiving is all about. I’m assuming. I’m not really sure I understand the holiday, tbh. Anyway, back to the point at hand.

As we can see in the most recent trailer, not only is season 4 launching on Wednesday, we’re also getting a brand new spin-off.

We’d heard whisperings of a Selling Tampa contingent for the Oppenheim Group, and there was even confirmation last week that Selling The OC would air on Netflix in early 2022. But this is the first actual sighting we’ve had of a new cast, along with a release date for Selling Tampa of December this year.

Are we in for a Housewives type franchise here? Will we able to keep up with all branches of the Oppenheim group? WILL THE $75 MILLION DOLLAR LISTING BE SOLD?

All these questions will be answered in due course and in the meantime, here’s the full trailer for season 4 incase you missed it:

Header image via Instagram/netflix

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