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26th Jul 2021

One of Ireland’s most successful exports returns home today

Fiona Frawley

Donie O’ Sullivan gives us favourite grandchild vibes. He’s that one cousin whose graduation picture hangs pride of place in your grandparent’s living room.

Your granny tells anyone who visits “ah he’s doing very well now beyond in America, and he was always top of his class too”, while you slave away making tea and toast for everyone…

So it’s no shock we’re all so excited to welcome him back after he revealed on Twitter that he’ll be making the trip home for a spell.

Since Donie revealed he was on his way home, the Irish reaction has ranged from local pubs offering him free pints to people asking him to bring his ceiling fan home with him ‘because sure ’tis sweltering over here’.

Obviously we all concurred that Donie should receive star treatment once he lands, red carpet, stringed quartet, the works. Unfortunately, Dublin Airport shot us down.

Harsh tbh.

Donie shared the name of the pilot on his Aer Lingus flight and in typical Irish fashion was met with about 100 comments confirming ‘ah sure that’s Micky Ward from Monaghan! Some pilot for one pilot hy.’

Even if Dublin Airport thinks Donie’s arrival is nothing special, the rest of us are absolutely buzzin’. We can’t wait to see all the stops his native Cahersiveen pulls out once he lands on green and gold soil, and plenty of wholesome content as Donie enjoys all the comforts of home.

Will you be sneaking around Kerry hoping to catch sight of Ireland’s favourite reporter? Perhaps sending him on the makings of a fry so he can enjoy a good substantial breakfast while he’s home? Cornering him in Aldi until he confirms which he prefers, Barry’s or Lyons? Claiming to anyone who’ll listen that he’s actually your third cousin once removed, and you did cúl camp with him back in 98? Honestly fair enough, we’ll probably be doing the exact same.

Header image via Twitter/Donie O Sullivan 

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