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14th May 2020

Paul Mescal had the most Irish reaction ever to Sia resharing his cover

Sarah Finnan


Sia has just reshared Paul Mescal’s cover of her song Chandelier and he’s fangirling ever so slightly.

The breakout star of the past few weeks, Paul Mescal has been melting hearts around the world with his portrayal of Connell Waldron in Normal People. Enjoying, what can only be described as a meteoric rise to fame, the Kildare native has amassed a large following of loyal fans in quite a short time.

Things seemed to peak yesterday with the news that there is now a hashflag (an image/emoji that appears after a specific hashtag on Twitter) for Connell’s chain but we think Sia resharing a clip of Paul singing tops that yet again.

Impressing with his stellar vocals, Paul posted a clip of himself covering Sia’s song Chandelier a couple of days ago. Spurred on by his sister Nell Mescal, who covered the song first, Paul shared his version to Instagram subsequently sending fans into meltdown who questioned: “is there anything he can’t do?” (The answer is no, in case you were wondering.)

And the cover has since grabbed the attention of the ever-elusive Sia herself who reshared the video to her own Instagram account alongside the caption:

“@paulmescal I’m watching Normal People right now and you’re incredible in it. And now this! Congratulations and hope to meet one day!”

Fangirling ever so slightly (don’t worry, we would too) at the post, Paul thanked her for her kind words, later taking to his Instagram stories saying: “Lads @siamusic shared this!! Holy God!!”

Possibly the most Irish reaction he could have had. Holy God is right. Serious question though Paul, do you take song requests?

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