PIC: People Are Shocked To See The T-Shirt Roy Keane Is Wearing Tonight

Down with the kids...

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All's well that ends well.

After getting into a right auld barney on ITV following England's elimination from the World Cup, it appears Roy Keane and fellow pundit Ian Wright have kissed and made up.

Fun-loving Wright has posted a picture of himself embracing his usually more volatile pal in a Russian pub and Keane must have calmed down since Wednesday night because he's even cracked a smile for the snap.

While people seem happy to see the pair having a laugh together, the subject of Keane's outfit is gaining a lot of attention. The Corkman is wearing a t-shirt that'd you'd usually find in the wardrobe of a teenage boy and people have been quick to pass comment.

Insert 'how do you do, fellow kids?' meme here. A hip side of Roy we don't see all too often. We could get used to this.

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