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01st Oct 2021

Seinfeld has been added to Netflix and the tweets are here

Fiona Frawley

Since yesterday, Twitter has been aglow with the joy of old-school sitcom lovers as it was confirmed Seinfeld was coming to Netflix.

Some are elated. Some are indifferent. Some are rushing to delete their Hulu accounts now that they can get what they need on the ‘flix. Whether you’re a Seinfeld stan or you couldn’t give a shite, you’ll know as well as I do that news like this always leads to a healthy serving of gas tweets. And here they are, folks.

We’re here for the accuracy.

Send in the memes.

Yikes. They’ve been caught out.

Not necessarily related to the Netflix release, but an important question nonetheless.

The delay in releasing the episodes wasn’t well received, but it made for good content.

Should we be worried about this one?

Will you be binging all 180 episodes this weekend?

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