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09th Aug 2018

‘Things You Can Say Both During Sex And During Dinner’ Is Trending Online And Sweet Suffering Jaysus

Darragh Berry

Apparently the things you say during sex are not just solely for the bedroom. This isn’t the first time that this has crept up online.

First, we had things you could say during sex and at a funeral, then we had things you could say during sex and during a GAA match but this tops both of them.

Stuff you can say both during sex and during dinner has been trending online and the answers are not suitable for work whatsoever.

Some are funny, some are downright disgusting but one thing is for sure: it’s put us off our dinner tonight entirely.

“Can you please push that stool in” is the top comment and we don’t know whether to laugh or wince tbh at it.

“Will grandma be joining us” is followed by “You’ll have to be patient with her, you know she always comes late” in second place.

Some of the ones that we feel comfortable including here are:

“You’re not leaving until everyone is finished.”

“Stop playing with it and put it in your mouth.”

Aw stop, that’s enough, we can’t take anymore tbh. Check out the thread on Twitter if you dare.

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