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23rd Jan 2021

Some of Resident Evil 8 is now available to play for free on the PlayStation 5

Rory Cashin

Yes, we’ve played it, and yes, we shrieked in fear. Twice.

Resident Evil games have had a somewhat chequered history when it comes to quality.

Without getting into the all of the remakes and spin-offs (there are now 26 games in the franchise in total) and just sticking with the main series, Resident Evil 7 gave the undead games a new boost of life, switching to first-person perspective and removing most of the mindless zombies for a tone closer to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

This was a welcome twist to a franchise that had been circling the drain since Resident Evil 4’s brilliant heyday, and while we’ve known for a while now that the incoming sequel would also be adding some new horror twists – including werewolves and vampires – this weekend will represent the first time most players will actually get some hands-on time with Resident Evil Village.

If you happen to have a PS5, then the playable demo will be available in the PS Store for you right now, entirely free. We’ve played it ourselves, and it kicks off with you waking up alone in a dank cage, and you’re given nothing more than a single mission: escape the dungeon.

From there, you’ll encounter some proper scares – yep, we yelped in fright on more than one occasion – but we won’t spoil any of the surprises you’ll come across during the ten minutes or so of gameplay you’ll get here.

For everyone else waiting to get their hands on the game, Resident Evil Village will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, and PC, from Friday, May 7. Check out the brand new story trailer right here:

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