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23rd Oct 2019

This handy Irish app will guarantee you ‘get the shifts’

Sarah Finnan

Not the shift, the shifts plural…as in a job shift.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

Get The Shifts is a quirky Irish company that uses Tinder-like technology to help you find a job when you need it.

Founded in 2016, the company has already created over 2,000 roles across the country.

With 300 casual roles available this Christmas period, the app is a handy way to narrow your search.

Offering roles across the Irish hospitality industry there are positions available as baristas, mixologists, housekeepers, kitchen porters, event ushers, floor staff and promo staff.

Staff are fully trained to become Superstars and consist of students to industry professionals and everyone in between.

Once a shift is offered it can be accepted up to three hours before it begins, allowing you to work around your social schedule.

Businesses can browse through hundreds of trained, pre-screened, rated Superstars and even add their favourites to a list so they can offer them future roles more easily.

Swipe right if you’re in need of some extra cash, want to try your hand at a new job or are just looking to make some connections in the industry. More info on their website.

Guess there’s no need for the mistletoe after all…or is there?

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