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02nd Dec 2020

PS5 vs Xbox Series X – the biggest reason to decide between them

Rory Cashin

The only thing harder than getting your hands on one is actually deciding which one to get.

As we get closer and closer to Christmas, and more and more people are getting more and more excited about finally getting their hands on the new Christmas presents, the internal (and, at times, very external) debate between the two most in-demand gifts is raging on, with the biggest and most difficult question of Christmas 2020 is being asked over and over again:

Which is better – the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X?

We have reviewed both of the consoles – PS5 here and Series X here – and while there are plenty of overly technical breakdowns already available on the internet about which has better loading speeds and more impressive memory capacities, the real reason why anyone buys these consoles is for the games.

We have also previously put together lists of the best games to play on your newly launched consoles – the PS5 list here and the Series X list here – but truth be told, it will likely be a little while before the first truly mind-blowing next-gen game is released, with the God Of War, Halo, and Horizon: Zero Dawn sequels all due in 2021 and all pre-packed with anticipation.

So what does that leave us with when it comes to deciding between these two new consoles? In all likelihood, many gamers may end up buying both over the coming weeks/months/years, but there is a way to make an immediate decision.

Honestly, it will come down to whatever your previous console was, and choosing the other platform as your new one.

If your last console was a PS4, we recommend getting the Series X, and if your last console was a Xbox One, we recommend the PS5.

The reason for this is the games collections that both consoles arrive with, which allow you to play the very best games from each system’s previous generation. So if you’ve only ever played PlayStation, you now have a Netflix-like subscription to some of the best Xbox games ever made, and vice versa.

The Xbox Games Pass Ultimate comes with access to over 100 high-quality games and online multiplayer with Xbox Live Gold, with some great Xbox exclusives like the Halo and Gears of War series.

The Xbox Games Pass Ultimate is €1 for the first month, and €12.99 a month after that, with more games added to the line-up each month.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation Plus Collection gives you access to some of the very best games launched on the PS4, some with improved visual settings, and the collection also features some great PS exclusives such as God Of War, The Last of Us: Remastered, and Uncharted 4.

The PlayStation Plus Collection is added as part of the PS Plus subscription, which costs €8.99 per month or €59.99 for the year, and it includes a number of free games available for download each month.

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