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16th Aug 2021

The basic B’s guide to Love Island episode 42

Fiona Frawley

Tensions were high last night as the girls attempted to delicately explain to Liberty her fella’s an untrustworthy, toe-sucking showman.

It’s never easy to confront your friend about their problematic boyfriend – maybe they’ll take it on board, maybe they’ll never speak to you again and the next time you’ll see them will be on insta via a pregnancy reveal post, gushing about how he’ll be the best daddy ever. But the girls (led by Chloe with Faye coming up the rear) bravely proceeded, pointing out to Liberty that Jake saying “I love you” was a bit conveniently timed, and that maybe he was just telling her what she wanted to hear. Scrap that, Faye listened for a bit and then put her brand new anger management techniques into practice by removing herself from the situation.

Faye, Teddy, Chloe and newly appointed villa counsellor Toby gathered to debrief about the whole “I love you” sitch, with the girls confirming they didn’t believe a word out of Jakes mouth. Meanwhile, Jake was still wandering around the villa gormless, no doubt wondering why all the other islanders hadn’t jumped in the pool fully clothed to celebrate his declaration.

Toby was given the difficult task of chatting to Jake one on one, letting him know that the others weren’t really buying what he was selling. Furious, Jake fled the villa, and by fled I mean he went for a poo and then sat on the little wall out the front for a while.

When he returned a short five minutes later, he asked a hesitant Faye for a chat, and Chloe insisted on joining so that Faye wouldn’t get all the blame for what went down. How herself and Toby have become the most likeable couple in the villa, we’ll never know.

I won’t attempt to recount the conversation because obviously Jake didn’t make an iota of sense, but the general jist was that it felt right for him to say it in that moment, and it was seemingly put to bed.

The next evening, the boys were appointed the task of preparing dinner for the girls. We learnt that Faye hates pasta, almost as much as Priya hates Brett.

It was then revealed the islanders were to vote for the couples they thought were the least compatible, and the bottom two could risk being dumped from the island.

The vulnerable couples following the vote are:

  • Priya and Brett
  • Mary and Aaron
  • Faye and Teddy
  • Liberty and Jake

We’ll just have to see what happens tonight, gals.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island 

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