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17th Aug 2021

The basic B’s guide to Love Island episode 43

Fiona Frawley

As an excellent tweet I saw last night but can’t find now said – Faye might be safe, but no one else in there is.

The aftermath of the vote for the least compatible couples amongst the islanders played out in a tension inducing, old school Big Brother-esque manner. The couples with the most votes weren’t revealed straight away, meaning they had a day or so to just continue chatting and chilling as usual, all the while wondering if any of their friends had sold them up the river. For Faye, as we saw, this clearly took over.

Aside from this, the episode was almost exclusively about Priya and her struggles with the ick for reasons unknown. Maybe Boris Johnson has decided to tune in for the last week and wants more screen time for the tories, who can say.

Since being in the villa, many of Priya’s actions would indicate she doesn’t know how to talk to these girls, and she deals with this by throwing in jarringly crude sex references over their morning iced coffees or performing long-form improv (for reference, see the graduation ceremony). Is this why she was so unnecessarily harsh about Brett while he was off preparing her carbonara, to impress the gals? If so, it didn’t work, and after Priya waring the ear off poor Kaz about how Brett’s cheese preferences aren’t adventurous enough, word eventually got back to the boys. Suddenly, everyone but Brett knew of the severe ick levels he was bestowing on Priya.

Priya apologised in a “well you weren’t meant to know I’d said that” type manner and they agreed to give it until that evening to see how they felt. As expected, the ick hadn’t retreated, and Brett was friend zoned followed by a bizarre photoshoot.

After Faye spending the duration of the episode sniffing around for any indication that her pals could have voted for her and Teddy as an un-compatible couple, it was time to gather round the fire pit and hear the results. As it turned out, Priya and poor old Brett were sent packing. And in one last whirlwind vote for chaos, Priya pulled Faye aside to let her know she hadn’t voted for her and Teddy, leaving Faye to draw her own conclusions about who had.

After everything that’s happened with Faye, you’d have to wonder where the impetus came from for that. Did the producers egg Priya on in the hopes of creating more drama? Or did Priya just decide to go out with a violent bang all by herself? As has been discussed in depth on Twitter and beyond, Faye clearly isn’t in the best mental headspace, so it’s at the very least a touch unethical to be enticing more explosive reactions from her. Bizarre move, and we’ll see how it all unfolds tonight.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island 

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