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18th Aug 2021

The basic B’s guide to Love Island episode 44

Fiona Frawley

The end of this season can’t come soon enough gals, they’re falling apart in there.

Has the least compatible vote ever caused this much of a stir? Obviously we knew Faye wouldn’t be happy, she’s been slowly but surely losing the run of herself since week 2 but Aaron and Mary? They barely have their names printed on water bottles yet, there was no need for that carry on out of them.

The episode started with Faye attempting to figure out which three of her friends had sold her up the river, after Priya dropped the bomb that it wasn’t her and booted it out of there. After chatting to Chloe and Toby and Mary and Aaron, Faye worked out it was Tyler/Kaz, Jake/Liberty and Millie/Liam who voted for her, and headed right over to the former two to confront them. I think they were all a bit confused by the whole thing – sure they had to vote for someone, what was the actual problem?

Their confusion eventually turned to not-arsedness, and it seems they’d put a line under it. Faye then went to speak to Millie, disclosing it was her vote that had hurt her the most as she’d asked her multiple times for advice about her relationship. In one way I’m sad for Faye because she has regularly been the one comforting the other gals in their time of need and feels she isn’t getting it back from them. On the other hand I know you can’t expect to always get back the emotional labour you give to people.

In the meantime, Aaron and Mary were kicking off about Kaz and Tyler voting for them rather than Brett and Priya – after all, the only thing Brett and Priya have in common is “science”. Aaron got unnecessarily argumentative with Kaz, who displayed some of the best communication tactics we’ve seen in the shows history.

Later on, the talent show kicked off with a Grease medley from Jake and Lib that would have the former students of Rydell High turning in their graves. To be fair, Liberty’s performance was actually beautiful, I just have no interest in seeing Jake in any sort of leather ever again. We had a piano recital, a spoken word/rap situation and the nail in Faye’s metaphorical coffin, that stand up set. I’ve been trying to sympathise with and understand her up until now, but I think she may have finally lost me. The cringe was simply too much, and I don’t know if I’ll ever recover.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island 

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