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19th Aug 2021

The basic B’s guide to Love Island episode 45

Fiona Frawley

Time is ticking and Faye seems insistent on spending the last week isolating herself and Teddy from every other person in there.

If she doesn’t want to talk to Jake anymore, fair enough, I can see that. Not that arsed with the rest of the boys? Hey, it’s understandable. But falling out with Liberty? What kind of person can’t just muck in and get along with Lib?

The two had a conversation at the start of the episode, with Liberty saying she hoped there was no bad blood, and that they could get along. Faye put it forward that no one understood how it felt to have all your OG’s vote for you as least compatible in your couple, and that she didn’t see Lib as a friend anymore. To twist the knife in further, she said the end of the friendship wasn’t any of her doing, and if anything she’d been too nice to Lib. With all this said, you’d have to think it’s Faye’s time to go. She feels hurt, insecure and as a result is lashing out at everyone. It’s not entertainment anymore, it’s just worrying and uncomfortable to watch.

Morning came and the islanders were awoken to the sound of 6 screaming plastic babies. The highlight of the challenge was definitely Chloe and Toby giving us an insight into what their life will be like in ten years or so – as a parental unit they’re giving me Hal and Lois from  Malcolm in the Middle vibes. 14/10 would watch.

Once the screaming babies were dressed and named, it was announced that the boys would be heading off on a dad’s golf trip, and the girls would have a bit more time to get to know their offspring. Again, we saw Feddy pushing themselves further and further away from the group – While everyone was in the hall giving each other pecks on the cheek goodbye and hugging their dolls, Faye was straddling Teddy putting in a shift session we haven’t seen the likes of since Wezz 2004.

While the girls sat around chatting and chilling with their babies, Faye lay in bed by herself, leaving the baby scream and pretending she was looking at her phone (all that’s on there is pictures and old texts from the producers… what are you looking at??)

If she’s reached her limit with the others and does genuinely feel hurt, that’s fair, it just means it’d probably be best for her to leave now. But it wasn’t to be. As the islanders were enjoying a party as a reward for taking care of their babies, it was announced that one couple would leave the villa tonight. Faye and Teddy will live to ostracise themselves another day, as Mary and Aaron were voted off.

The preview for tonight saw Lib taking off her microphone, and tearfully saying “we’re not meant to be”. Is she finally calling it quits with Jake, just minutes away from the final? You’d think she’d stay staunch until potentially securing the 50k, but I guess she’s not that kind of gal.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island 

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