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06th Jul 2021

The basic B’s guide to Love Island episode 7

Fiona Frawley

This seems like it happened 18 years ago now, but the episode began with Rachel choosing the boy she wanted to couple up with.

Now is your time to look away if you haven’t watched yet.

Now. As we predicted, Rachel chose Brad, leaving Chuggs to pack up his bucket hats and head off home.

What followed this was a string of the boys disappointing the girls. The way things have been going, it was only a matter of time.

After Chuggs headed off, it was revealed that the hideaway would be open for the night. Just as we feared, Liberty and toe boy were chosen to go in, even though every boy in the villa and even some of the beanbags and light fittings know Jake’s not interested at this stage. The girls gathered around Liberty, spraying, curling and transforming her into a goddess in a gorge red rigout and a with silky robe and heels. Jake… wore a pair of swimming togs back to front.

Thank god nothing major happened in the hideaway, because the second they came out Jake was back telling anyone who’d listen that he’ll get to know any blonde who walks through those doors. The obsession with hair colour is scary every season, but this year it’s off the charts.

Next up was a brunch where all the couples had a chance to get to know each other better, aka, the boys got to make the girls cry.

  • Jake FINALLY let Liberty know that he’d get to know a crossaint in a blonde wig if the opportunity arose
  • Brad told Rachel she should get to know other people after spending the entire day before saying he was fully invested in her
  • Faye and Liam sat in silence apart from Liam’s passionate rebuke of all cats
  • Aaron decided Sharron might be too career driven for him because he didn’t immediately jump at his offer of having four kids after knowing each other five minutes
  • Kaz and Toby.. I’m not 100% sure what’s going on because I have no idea what their chat earlier on the balcony was about.. He said he’s not sure if he’s interested, so because of that he’s going to dive in headfirst. Makes total sense.
  • Hugo and Chloe chilled the f out and watched the rest of the villa burn around them.

Basically, we need new boys and we need them now. We’ve BEEN needing them. So naturally, the producers combat this by sending in two new blondes.

You’d have to question Jake’s assumption that any new blonde will be interested in getting to know HIM, but whatever happens, no doubt there’ll be some tears from Liberty tomorrow. Also confirmed by the preview, tears from Hugo? Who knows at this stage. It has to be said though, it’s definitely getting juicier.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island

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