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24th Aug 2021

The basic B’s guide to Love Island – The Final

Fiona Frawley

The general consensus last night on Twitter and beyond was that that final could have been an email.


The result was sadly predictable and maybe I’d just been caught up in my own social media bubble, but it seemed most people were becoming disillusioned with Millie and Liam giving us nothing other than a nice outfit or two and a Tom Jones cover. It’s the same every season – a few weeks in it starts to become obvious who the powers that be want to win based on screen time, the types of dates they get to go on, Aftersun commentary etc etc. Every once in a while, the public simply don’t buy it and things become exciting – case in point, Greg and Amber winning in back in 2019. This year, Millie and Liam were looking to be the clear winners before Casa Amor, which obviously threw a spanner in the works.

Since then they’ve worked on their relationship and everything’s been fine, but as a couple have they offered us anything close to the hilarity of Chloe and Toby, or the friendships that Kaz and Tyler built in the villa? It’s just all a bit… meh.

It was an interesting final in the sense that every couple in it had experienced significant hurdles in their relationship. Kaz and Tyler had parted ways during Casa, Liam and Millie had to overcome the Lillie in the room, Toby was working his way through girls like they were dishes at one of those conveyor belt sushi restaurants before finding his way back to Chloe and Faye and Teddy… let’s not go there.

Obviously, after everything that happened between Faye and Teddy you’d have to have assumed they’d either not be in the final at all, or placed in fourth. The fact that they placed ahead of an extremely likeable couple who had faced difficulty but made it back together and individually offered so much to the villa (Kaz and Liberty’s friendship was one of the most talked about aspects of the show) even after receiving a whopping 26,000 Ofcom complaints for Faye’s behaviour is.. mind boggling.

It’s an insight into the inner workings of UK based reality tv voters I guess. For now, it’s time to hang up the Love Island hashtag for another year and return to potentially partaking in social activity at 9pm on weeknights. A scary concept, but we’ve no excuse now. Thanks for the memories, all. See you next year.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island 

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