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24th Sep 2021

The official trailer for Spencer is here and Kristen Stewart’s Diana is perfection

Katy Thornton

Every fairytale ends

Last month we got a little snippet of what was to come from Spencer – last night we got a lot more. With less than two months until release, the official Spencer trailer will keep you going until you can see the movie for yourself. One thing is certain – this film looks intense.

The trailer begins with Diana arriving to presumably Sandringham, initially excited to see her sons. Her happiness drains away upon hearing the family are in the drawing room. Diana’s anxiety is obvious as she repeats to herself she only has to spend three days with the family. What ensues is a series of scenes where Diana is being watched closely by the Royal Family. Someone eventually tells her that “they can’t change, you have to change.” This appears to be the crux of the entire film; Charles tells her “there’s the real you, and the one they take pictures of.” The very next scene shows Diana’s obvious discomfort with this idea.

The whole trailer sees Diana at the end of her tether, unable to put up with the fa├žade of Royal life any longer. The few snippets we get of Kristen Stewart as Diana are astounding. Her performance matches that of Emma Corrin from The Crown Season 4. Stewart has received high praise for her acting in this film.

The film releases on the 5th November.

Header image via Instagram/spencerfilmuk

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