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04th Oct 2021

The weekend in TikToks – babies parallel parking, pasta making and more

Fiona Frawley

Mondays are never easy.

Particularly Monday afternoon – when that slump hits there’s no getting past it. There’s only one thing for it. Switch off for a few minutes and allow us to take you on a journey through the weird and wonderful world of Irish TikTok. We uncovered some gems over the weekend, and you need to see them. It’s more pressing than the Six One News, to be perfectly honest.

Phone prank gone wrong

This one broke my tiny heart.

Baby parallel parking

I’m genuinely intimidated by how easily she managed this. Give her my driving license, I’m not worthy.

Pasta making at Sprezzatura

Watching this on a loop feels like meditation.

Rating Dublin streets and areas

Excellent local knowledge displayed in this one.

Sneaking home after a night out

This is an oldie but a goodie.

Nobody’s gonna know

In fairness, we’d never have clocked it.

The numbers on the sign at the petrol station

We don’t know, and we don’t want to know.

Header image via Shutterstock

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