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18th Feb 2022

This Twitter thread has us feeling nostalgic for childhood Irish desserts

Fiona Frawley

vanilla ice cream in between two wafers on a yellow background

Nothing says “family get together” like a slice of raspberry ripple in between two wafers.

Here at Lovin we’re partial to a good Twitter thread that captures the essence of what it is to live in Ireland, from the one about nicknames and their origins to the viral one from last year detailing the struggles of trying to be fashionable in this country. Most recently, this thread about traditional Irish desserts has us longing for the days of our granny’s apple tart and lumpy custard – nothing will ever beat it.

The thread kicked off with journalist Melanie May asking the all important question:

The comments section is alive with the sound of sugar sambos, brack and angel delight. Here are some of the interactions we connected with on a visceral level.

The Birds trifle in particular is etched in my tastebuds forever.

Anything “stewed” is inherently Irish, imo.

This is one I can picture my nanny spooning out a bit of for everyone around the table.

Loved this one because my nanny would also make dessert every day, and after she’d served everyone else she’d eat hers straight out of the saucepan. And then clear off and watch Eastenders, as was her right.

Would we say it’s a south side thing? If so, I’ve revealed myself. As one commenter wrote, it’s not a party til someone whips out the Viennetta.

As it turns out, Melanie was looking for more traditional Irish desserts, the likes of brack, fruitcake and so on. Either way, the thread makes for a gorgeous nostalgic read and we’d wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone with a hankering for the good old days.

And most importantly, I think we can all agree on the one dessert pretty much every Irish person has had:

Philip knows the suss.

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