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16th Nov 2017

This Clip Shows The Chaotic Scenes In The Seanad Today As The Insults Were Flying

James Fenton

While the whole of Ireland was disappointed to miss out on hosting the 2023 Rugby World Cup, a heated exchange in the Seanad today has gone some way to providing some comic relief to the situation. 

Senator Terry Leyden of Fianna Fáil and his Fine Gael counterpart Neale Richmond exchanged verbal blows with the former claiming that the World Cup bid team “couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery” and that “when we were in power we could negotiate for world events.”

Richmond then hit back with “bailouts you mean” (zing!) and the whole thing descended into a bit of a farce. The argument was uploaded to Twitter by and is sure to have you sniggering at least once. 

Still, at least they managed to avoid the more colourful language used in this classic from the Dáil a few years back. 

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