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24th Jun 2021

WATCH: Irish TikToker learning important life lessons from her nanny

Fiona Frawley

As we know all too well, one does not simply ~make~ a cup of tea or coffee.

It’s an exact science. Teabag left in for approx. 48 seconds and given three stirs anti-clockwise before being dumped in the sink (never into the bin for reasons unknown). Coffee with precisely 2 and 3/4 sachets of sugar, if it’s brown sugar three sachets and if it’s a teaspoon then we have to start all over again. This poor gal obviously forgot the rules and was absolutely schooled by her nan.

Obviously, on a good day you can count on your nanny for a cute tiktok. She’ll learn the WAP dance and do it with you or even do a sneaky bit of rugby commentating if you’re lucky. But conditions need to be perfect, and for Jaysus sake she needs to have enough milk and sugar.

Header image via Tiktok/Beibhinn Moore

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