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29th Nov 2017

We Should All Be Aware Of This High-Tech Method Currently Being Used By Irish Car Thieves

Darragh Berry

It’s time to start locking your cars in the garage, folks.

RTÉ News has released CCTV footage on its Twitter account of Irish car thieves in Meath using a high-tech method to steal a car from someone’s driveway. 

They used a ‘relay’ device in order to pick up a signal from the car fob which was located inside the person’s house. 

This relay has the power to directly control the motor via the original car fob. 

The type of car that was stolen in the incident is keyless and its ignition is started with a fob meaning that driver doesn’t have to be inside the car in order for it to start. 

The relay boosts the signal from the fob inside the house and makes it strong enough in order for the car to pick up the signal and start the ignition. 

It takes less than five minutes for the Irish criminals to break into the car and drive it away.

There is a method to stopping these thieves from being able to gain access to your fob so easily.

If you keep your key fob in a ‘Faraday Sleeve‘ – a pouch designed to block radio transmissions from getting in – then it will be impossible for the thieves to activate your car as the signal will not be strong enough.  

It costs around €80 to buy but if it means keeping your precious wheels in safe hands, it would be well worth it. 

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