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13th Aug 2020

WATCH: Paul Mescal and the Young Offenders stars put their friendship to the test

Sarah Finnan

Paul Mescal

Paul Mescal quizzing the stars of the Young Offenders on their friendship is necessary viewing of a dreary Thursday morning. Trust me. 

People laugh about everyone in Ireland knowing one another and while, yes, it’s a stereotype… it’s also somewhat true. We’re a fairly small island and there’s usually only a few degrees of separation between people.

Say, for example, someone hears you’re from Cork so they ask “ah do you know Seamus down the road?” More often than not, the answer is yes, or some variation of it; “I know of him… I’m friends with his cousin/neighbour/local parish priest” etc.

Same rule applies for the country’s celebrities – somehow they all seem to know each other. Or they all know Paul Mescal at least who appears to be the connection between several famous Irish faces. Already proving himself to be pals with the likes of Dermot Kennedy and Jamie Dornan, Mescal has shown that himself and the Young Offenders stars are pretty tight too.

Brought together by the BBC, the trio teamed up to test their friendship – letting some embarrassing secrets slip in the process. Irish people sticking together? You love to see it.

Much as we love him, Paul pretending that the ice-cream machine wasn’t working to get out of making 99s is kind of unforgivable…

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