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28th Jun 2021

WATCH: Insta’s favourite toxic meditation guide offers his take on the ~real capital~

Fiona Frawley

If you’re partial to a giggle or two via the Irish comedy stars of Insta, you’ve probably come across Meditations for the Anxious Mind.

He specialises in scarily accurate guides to Irish towns from Blanch to Bray, as well as cultural phenomenons such as the immersion, Maniac 2000 and covid sea swimmers.

So it was only right he offered up his services to provide a guide to the people’s republic, Cork.

Give it a watch if you’re interested in finding out essential info about Cork, for example the reason it’s called the real capital, the difference between a langer and langers, and what exactly the craic is with the Butter Museum.

Also, fun fact from the vid: “If you took all the ‘likes’ out of a Cork person’s mouth and had to put them all into the same place, they’d barely fit into Pairc Ui Chaoimh”. Deffo one for the next Zoom quiz.

It’d be interesting to see what Corkonians make of the vid but as our guide truthfully points out – “despite my best efforts and extensive research, no one in Cork is actually gonna watch this video. Because I’m not from Cork”.

Header image via Instagram/Meditations for the Anxious Mind

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