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18th Mar 2020

Amy Huberman found shamrocks growing INSIDE her house, had a mini parade to celebrate

Sarah Finnan

Amy Huberman indoor parade

Amy Huberman didn’t let social distancing stop her from celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

This year marked a very different type of St. Patrick’s Day for many people, with most public events having been cancelled over coronavirus concerns. Irish people across the country (and indeed the world) were forced to get creative with their celebrations this year – Amy Huberman included who threw an indoor parade to mark the occasion.

This comes after Amy found a sprig of shamrock growing INSIDE her house a couple of days ago. Not one to let the doom and gloom get her down, she decided to honour the new discovery (and Paddy too, of course) by organising a “tiny mini Paddy’s parade along the skirting board”.

And we’d probably have done the same, to be honest.

Posting a video of the parade to her Instagram account, it’s every bit as patriotic as you’d expect.

Put on by an impressive collection of Sylvanian Family members (which presumably don’t belong to Amy herself, though who could say for sure), the parade features a red convertible, a blue rainbow bus and what looks to be a bathtub.

Complete with several miniature Irish flags, Ireland’s Call can be heard ringing out in the background and a small crowd even assembled to watch the goings-on.

That’s as good a parade as any in our eyes.

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