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14th Apr 2020

Amy Huberman has shaved off Brian’s hair and people are very complimentary

Sarah Finnan

Amy Huberman has shaved Brian's head

Even Brian O’Driscoll has fallen victim to a shaved head.

Barbers are to men as beauticians and nail techs are to women… at least that’s what the general consensus seems to be amongst the public when noting what services they miss most (other than their favourite cafes/restaurants/takeaways of course).

Fed up with dealing with overgrown locks, men across the country have been taking matters into their own hands – either shaving their own heads or enlisting the help of a partner/family member.

So it’s safe to say that this video of Amy Huberman shaving Brian O’Driscoll’s head is relatable on many fronts.

Stepping up to the plate as the Huberman/O’Driscoll barber in residence, Amy jokingly asks Brian “you going anywhere nice on your holidays?” before answering for him and going in for with the clippers.

According to her, it’s all part of a new movie with her husband as the star.

“It’s on. Just filming a scene from my quarantine hairdressing short film called a rugby Star is Shorn.”

Onlookers thanked the duo for the comedic entertainment, asking for after pics to show the transformation. Thankfully, those followed shortly after.

Both the hairdresser and the customer “declined to make further comment”, though Amy did reveal that no there was no tip left so perhaps that hints as to what BOD makes of his new look.

(Header image courtesy of @amy_huberman)

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