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17th Mar 2022

At long last, the Derry Girls Season Three Trailer is finally here

Katy Thornton

derry girls season 3 trailer

Derry Girls is back for its final season and we aren’t ready for it.

After a long, looooong wait (2 years, 7 months, and 1 global pandemic but who’s counting) the third and final season of Derry Girls is almost upon us. Cast members dropped the official trailer on Instagram today, and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ve already watched it through about twelve times already. Erin, Michelle, Clare, Orla, and James, along with all our other favourite faces (looking at you Sister Michael) will be back on our screens very soon. When you ask? Well, they didn’t quite let the release date slip, but at least we have a sneak peek.

The trailer gives little away in terms of plotlines (are we going to get a romance between Erin and James, or were they really just teasing us with that one??) but it does tell us a few things. Sister Michael still super sarcastic, Clare is still on the constant verge of a panic attack, Michelle is still winding James up, and Orla is as ditsy and lovable as ever. Oh, and everyone is still giving Gerry a hard time.

If it’s anything like its predecessors, then Season Three of Derry Girls is gonna be a wild ride. Coupled with the fact it’s the last dose of the Derry girls we’re going to get (that’s right, just six more episodes and then they’re over and out) we think there’s going to be a lot of tears, of sorrow and joy in equal measure.

And if you’re getting upset just thinking about the end, heed Sister Michael’s advice: “Just try to enjoy what time you’ve left, girls“.

I’m not crying, you are.

Header image via Instagram/djllewellyn

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