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21st Dec 2021

“Last day of school” – Lisa McGee shares a Twitter update for S3 of Derry Girls

Fiona Frawley

black and white picture of a woman smiling in front of a school crest

Well at least, we’re taking it to be an update.

The creator of Derry Girls wearing a Derry Girls hoodie and posing in front of the Our Lady Immaculate College school crest with the caption “Last day of school” fairly signifies to us that shooting has wrapped on Derry Girls’ third and final season.

The post in question:

Could this mean that the highly anticipated final instalment of Derry Girls could be with us soon?

Upon further sleuthing through the social media of each cast member (standard day at the office), I discovered this comment under one of Jamie-Lee O’Donnell (Michelle)’s insta posts:

Image via Jamie Lee O’Donnell on Instagram

Maybe not much on its own, but paired with Lisa’s tweet I feel it in my waters that season 3 will be with us in the not too distant future.

If you need more convincing, we also peeped this tweet from Siobhan McSweeney who plays the iconic Sister Michael:

The hairy b*st*rd in question is Peter Campion who plays Father Peter, the dreamy priest who even James can’t resist.

Elsewhere on Twitter, Tara Lynne O’Neill who plays Erin’s mother Mary to absolute perfection shared a pic of a parting gift given to her from the Derry Girls art department:

As all DG stans know, if Mary’s telling you to swear on Dolly, you better not be lying.

With props being given as tokens, cast members wrapping and of course, the tweet from Lisa McGee that sent us down this rabbit hole, we feel it won’t be long before we’re tucked up on the couch, surrounded by snacks, with some iconic 90s banger kicking off the start of the final season. What a time to be alive, gals.

Header image via Twitter/LisaMMcGee

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