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05th Mar 2020

Nobody was expecting Prince William to break out his juggling skills in Galway

Darragh Murphy

Prince William juggling

Oh, nothing to see here. Just Prince William doing some actual juggling in Galway.

The final stop on the Irish tour of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was Galway and those in attendance were treated to a rare juggling performance from Prince William.

William and wife, Kate Middleton, arrived in Galway shortly before midday on Thursday and continued their tour that had already taken in a number of locations in Dublin, Meath and Kildare.

After landing in the west, the popular Royals paid a visit to Tribeton where Prince William delighted those lucky enough to make it inside with an impressive act.

Few were aware that Prince William genuinely knew how to juggle and although he ended up struggling when a fourth ball was introduced to the equation, Kate got a great kick out of his ability with three.

William and Kate are set to head back to the United Kingdom later today after their three-day stay in Ireland.

So far on their trip, they have visited a number of charity organisations in Dublin and Kildare, paid a trip to a farm in Meath and treated themselves to a few well-deserved sips of Guinness.

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