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01st Dec 2021

Eve, if you’re out there – your communion money wound up in the off licence

Fiona Frawley

If you made your First Holy Communion in Ireland, you probably had a substantial chunk of the gifted money “held onto” by your parents.

Sure, they say they’ll put it into your Post Office account. They’ll swear it’s going straight into the Credit Union for your 18th birthday. Eventually though, you realise you’ll never see that sweet, sweet cash again, and lament the fact you didn’t keep it safe in your little beaded communion handbag forever.

Sometimes it goes towards the kitchen extension. Maybe it was used to replace the car battery. But in the case of Eve, wherever she is – it was used to pick up a few cans. It’s what the holy spirit would have wanted, to be fair.

We’re sensing Terry knows the suss with communion money, which is why he wrote the message on the note itself to ensure it wasn’t used for anything else. Either that or he wasn’t arsed buying a card, hard to say for sure. Sadly, his plan was unsuccessful as the €50 wound up in the till at an off-licence.

Terry’s message reads: “To Eve on your First Holy Communion, from Terry“. Maybe going out on a limb here but I don’t think Communicant Eve took herself into the offo to pick up 6 Dutch. We’ll just have to hope she’ll be comforted by the fact that her present made it into one of the most quintessentially Irish photographs of all time.

Header image via Twitter/j_ackrile_y

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