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02nd Nov 2021

Gemma Collins and Jedward – it’s the celeb friendship we never knew we needed

Fiona Frawley

But now can’t imagine our lives without.

While the rest of us were busy attempting to get the blood spatters just right on our Squid Game cozzies, Jedward were off forming one of the most important reality star coalitions of the modern age. We as a nation thank them for it. Behold, Ireland’s favourite twins befriending tv royalty, the legendary, the inimitable (although we do love to try), Gemma Collins.

As you’d imagine, Gemma wouldn’t be one for a Halloween costume. After all, she’s claustrophobic Darren. Instead, she stunned as per in a black sequins adorned number as Jedward danced around her singing Ghostbusters. Obviously.

Over the past year Jedward have enjoyed something of a renaissance, taking to Twitter to reveal all of X Factor’s secrets (the kind of drama we all live for) and just being their bizarre and brilliant selves on TikTok. In my opinion, it was only a matter of time before the celebrity collabs started, and what a way to kick them off. I’m personally petitioning for a Jedward x Gemma Collins Christmas single, Channel 4 show and skincare range. It’s what the people deserve.

As my colleague Charlotte said this morning when bringing this video to my attention:

I was in the same room as Gemma Collins once. It was life changing. 

And I have no doubt that it was.

Header image via Twitter/planetjedward

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