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25th Oct 2018

WATCH: This Ireland AM Weather Blooper-Scare Is Perfect As We Head Into Halloween

Darragh Berry

Ireland AM weatherman Deric Hartigan is no stranger to the odd bit of madness on Virgin Media Television, formerly known as TV3.

In the summer of 2017, he was blown away by a gust of wind that left him and his orange umbrella in a tizzy and left his fellow hosts of the show in stitches.

And on Thursday morning, his weather broadcast was interrupted by a grizzly monster who happened to be roaming the streets of Dublin.

The weather broadcast was near the spire on this particular morning and as Deric is explaining to the viewers about how we’ll be having some misty showers – shock – the monster strolls up as casually as you like to him, rubs the back of his head and walks off.

He gets a bit of a jump at first when the rubbing occurs but as the beast walks on and Deric catches a glimpse, he breaks into a fit of laughter asking “what was that?” before trying and failing to explain the rest of the weather with a straight face.

But how does it compare to these RTÉ Hurricane blooper mistake from a few months back or the Irish blooper that definitely saw someone get in trouble?

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