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14th Jun 2018

Taylor Swift Holidaying Here In Ireland Ahead Of Croke Park Gigs

Darragh Berry

People were absolutely mad to find out where Ed Sheeran was staying, eating and drinking ahead of his several gigs around the country.

He was spotted in this restaurant having a quick dish and he also played a secret pub venue here after one of his big Irish concerts.

Now attention has turned to Taylor Swift who will grace the stage at GAA HQ this Saturday and Sunday and but it seems as though the ‘Bad Blood’ star is holidaying in Ireland a couple of days before she takes to the stage.

A source told The Irish Sun that:

“Taylor wanted to spend some time in Ireland and get a feel for the place before playing Croke Park on Friday and Saturday.

“She really got the weather for her trip.”

They didn’t specify where she would be exactly (because that would cause chaos altogether) but they didn’t limit her holiday solely down to the capital.

She is expected to play to 160,000 adoring fans over the two nights even if she did piss a lot of Irish people off last week with this statement…

There’s some daft things banned from her concert (like a light-sabre for example)and fans have been told that they’ll be removed for doing this at Taylor’s concerts this weekend.

Worth taking note of if you’re heading along.

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