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14th Oct 2021

Series 3 of You hits the small screen tomorrow, but we’ve just gotten news about series 4

Fiona Frawley

I’d say hook it to my veins, but I’d worry that’s something Joe and Love would take literally.

Just as we were gearing ourselves up to frantically binge season 3, it’s been confirmed that Netflix sensation You will return for a fourth instalment. It’s hard to get excited about this while we’re focussing our attention purely on the here and now, and wondering what happens to this lovable pair of psychos when they move out to the burbs. Still and all, it’s definitely a comfort to know that s4 is “in the (body) bag”. After such a long break between seasons 2 and 3 (I know there was a global pandemic but like, it still hurt), this is the kind of reassurance we need.

Back to season 3. You have been gradually dropping a few breadcrumb-esque teasers for us over the past few days, giving an indication of what we can expect. So far, we’ve seen Love and Joe online stalking their neighbours (no surprise there), local “momfluencers” and flirty guys and gals who we can’t imagine will survive this season.

Will you be spending the weekend glued to Netflix, spiralling down a You-shaped hole? If so, we’ll be right there beside you.

Header image via Instagram/younetflix

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