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27th Oct 2021

The trailer for season 2 of Tiger King has landed

Fiona Frawley

Forget financially. We’re never going to recover from this full stop.

Joe, Jeff, Carole Baskin and all our other favourites are back for an equally insane second instalment of the hit Netflix series. I’m instantly being transported back to season 1 of lockdown, where everyone and their dad was planning their Tiger King halloween costume and managers across the country were beginning zoom calls with “Hey all you cool cats and kittens!” War flashbacks, honestly.

Anyway, if you’ve been dying to know how Joe’s been getting on in prison, or wondering what all the zoo employees are doing with their newfound Netflix riches, Tiger King season 2 promises to reveal all. Have a goo below.

Unsurprisingly, the whole thing looks bonkers. Needless to say though, I’ll be bingeing the entire thing in two days. It’s how Joe would have wanted it. As one wise viewer from the Youtube comments section so aptly puts it:

All these people are criminally insane and need to be locked up. But I still got my popcorn ready.

If that doesn’t sum up the entire show perfectly, I don’t know what does. We’ll be able to return to the madness, snacks in tow from November 17th. Will you be watching?

Header image via Youtube/Netflix 

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